Project 2018


  1. Family CHIPER MARIA, village Dumbrava,district Neamt;

Mother single,widow with four young children:

They received toys,food, sweets

  1. Family ONOFREI MARIANA,vilalge Dumbrava,district Neamt;

Mother single,now living with a man but not father of children,

Family with 7 children :

They received  food( flouer,shuger,oil, salami, butter, pork,drinks,sweets),toys and ten euros for each  child at school for buying what they need at school);

  1. Fam.DADU DUMITRU MARIA- village Oglinzi,district Neamt

A mother with 11 children. Father left them a couple of years ago and now is back for some time. Mother was operated one month ago of an fibrom uterine. She came back home a few days ago I visited them.

Their situation was very bad and I invested for food mostly and some money for wood for next month of winter.

  1. Family Peiu Marilena-village Ocea-district Neamt

A single mother,with four children moved from Pascani,Iasi a few years ago.Father diverced and went abroud after making a hell of his family life.

They still live in an room gave by primaria Ocea, a room which was for animals ment to be for winter.

           They received 100 euros in food,sweets and money for wood.

  1. Family Agrigoroaiei Sebastian- a man paralysed helped by a daughter with handicap.

-Sebastian -74 years old

-and Elena- 33 years old;

I gave them money for- food ;

  1. Slabutu Sofica- 76 years old,living alone ,no money or pension .
  1. The rest of money until 1000 euros,about 230 I bought presents consisting in food,sweets,and I asked Primaria to call a few poor person from their list .

Together with a few ladies from Pensionaries organization we gave them in a festive cadre Primaria.

  1. Omenia-received 250 euros consisting in litle toys,sweets ,food for breakfast for one week.They have now 37 children all at school.

The other 250 euros I shall bring also to that girl named AFILIPOAIE MARGARETA – for operation. From her I shall sned you more information and pictures when I go there.

I have to tell you that President from Omenia dired last week.She suffered an heart attack when she was still at foundation.

On 24 december was the funeral and many felows was present there,in the church to say good by to Mrs.Tincuta Ciubotaru-President of Omania for about 30 years. She was a real mother carring for those children.

I will informe you later what will happen with Omania in the future.

I thank you again,in name of all those people; children and old people in need who said : Thank you and they promised to pray for you all and the effort you did to get those money and help people from so far away. God bless you all ! We will pray God to give you and your beloved  health,peace ,happiness and a good heart !

Happy New Year 2019 !

In friendship,with a deep gratitude ,your Geta Brasoveanu

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