Project 2019



  1. Agrigoroaiei Sebastian-Liliac street nr.150,Tg.Neamt

 A man paralysed four years ago, helped by his daughter with handicap.

-Agrigoroaie Sebastian -75 years old

-Agrigoroaie Elena- 30 years old;

We gave them money for food and electicity

  1. Slabutu Sofica- 78 years old,living alone ,with one dog.

No money or pension,just social assistence .

We gave her money for: food and money for electricity;            

3.Fam.Dadu Dumitru Maria- village Oglinzi,Raucesti,district Neamt

The woman with 11 children. Father left them again. Mother is ill and cannot work anylonger after an operation .

We bought them food mostly and money for wood for winter.

-        Florin Ovidiu ,21 years ,with handicap;

-        Claudiu Constantin, 19,also with small menthal handicap;

-        Adelin – 17 years ;

-        Lavinia-14 years (locomotor handicap after she falled down from 3 m distance when she was litlle;

-        Ana Maria- 13 years old;

-        Stefan- 10 years;

-        Alexandru-9 years;

-        Narcis-Madalin -8 years;

-        Miruna – 6 years;

-        Alexia-Elena -5 years;

-        Daria – 3 years.

We bought food and bought wood for stoves from two rooms for winter                                                                                                     

4.Fam. Chiper Maria, village Dumbrava,Timisesti-district Neamt;

Mother single,widow with four children:                                     

-        Ioan – 10 years old;  Petre- 8 years old;

-        Antonia-5 years old; Gabriel- 3 years old.

5.Family Onofrei Mariana,village Dumbrava,district Neamt;

Mother single,helped by her sister

Family with 8 children :

-        Maria- 17 years,studing at Seminary Agapia;

-        Stefan- 15 years,pupil at school from Dumbrava;

-        Andrei- 13 years;

-        Constantin- 12 years old;

-        Stelian- 9 years ols;

-        Parascheva- 8 years old;

-        Anastasia- 7 years old.

-        Antonia-8 months

They received money for: food,toys and  for electricity.                                       

6.Family Savoi Jenita,village Valea Arini,Baltatesti,district Neamt

A single mother with 6 children :

Amelia-10 years;

Maria-Elena-8 years;

Iulian-6 years;

Dumitru-5 years;

Stefan-3 years;

Mariana-1 year

We bought them food,sweets,toys,pijamas 

7.Family Olaru Mihaela and her sister Olaru Niculina, Timisesti,str,Ciresului,nr.2,district Neamt

The sisters live together with their 5 children:

Larisa – 11 years;

Dan-Ioan-9 years;

Denis-Marian-4 years;

Rebecca- 2,8 years;

Stefania-3 months

We bought food,toys,and wood for stove for winter.                    

8. Family Peiu Marilena-village Ocea-district Neamt

A single mother,with four children moved from Pascani,Iasi a few years ago.Father diverced and went abroud after making a hell of his the room gave by primaria Ocea

-        Alexandra Mihaela -19 years with a menthal handicap;

-        Iulian-Cosmin –18-he stadies in University from Iasi now.

Last summer he was working to get money for study. Mariana-13 years;

They received  food,sweets and money for wood.                        

9.Afilipoaie Margareta from Botosani received  for new operation of corection she will have soon.

10.Bogza Raruca ,from Raucesti,Neamt.An old lady of 84 years.

We bought her food and some money for wood.                               

11.Omenia –children were in vacation till 13-th of January.

I called the lady who is responsable now with finances.

They need food for breakfast for their 35 children assisted by center. They do not have a car and asked me to buy and bring each beginning of week food for breakfast for children.

I will do that ,early in each Monday morning untill the money alocated for them will be left.                                                               


With help of my children and grandchildren I could do that in good way.Father Cretu was busy at church but he is always present with his prayers.Each Sunday I am at church and we have a talk about these subjects of helping people.

Thank you again that we could bring some light and some warmth to those families.They are very grateful and send you all their blesings and gratitude for the help.

Father Cretu was very enthusiastic and he asked me the names of those who worked for help with donation of money.

I knew only those names :Livius ,Piet and Jan and their families.

Can you,please send me a few names of other donators ?

We know that God knows their names and contribution but we and families who received help want to know their names too. God bless you all !

Have a good year 2020 in a good health and lot of nice moments with joy and happiness !

In friendship,Geta,Alexandra and father Cretu


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