Corona virus eist ook zijn tol in Tg Neamt

Extra donatie voor schoolspullen voor kinderen van arme gezinnen en voor hulpbehoevenden


Hi,dear Livius !

How are you and your family ?

I could finalise with donation you have sent last time.

Schools begin this month and I could find the right need for scholar tabletas for children.

Because of pandemia every school has its own program and way to protect pupils from get infected.They have substances for cleaning hands everywhere in school or toilets.They have more than 1.50 m between desks and mask.I ,Alexandra,Ioana and Rares found those families and children during last month.The program is two weeks half of a class get in school ,then two weeks on line they get classes.

I bought computer tablets to follow families with more children at school.

1.Fam.Chiper Anisoara with 6 children from Dumbrava,district Neamt    ,1 tablet-

2.Fam.Onofrei Tatiana from Timisesti,Neamt with 7 children received a biger tablet to be used by two pupils or more. 1 big tablet

3.Fam.Polgar Ionela -Raucesti,Neamt 6 children,six at school 100 euro, 1 tablet they already had another one.

4.Fam Dadu Dumitru -Oglinzi,Neamt  6  children at school  1 tablet

5.fam.Savoi Jenita from Valea Arini,Neamt 8 children at school, I bought 2 tablets for them

6.Fam.Pintilie Maria from Pastraveni,Neamt has 7 children at different level at school,even twins they have.

I bought also two tablets to them.

7.For family Iftime Verginica,Satu Nou,district Neamt who are old and husband paralised I bought medicine and pampers for a couple of months.

Next folders I also send you pictures I made with children and tablets.

My dear friend thank you again,in name of all those who received help from you.

God bless you and all members and contributors for help.

I and my children,also father Cretu send you their gratitude and wish you all a good health !

We all will pray God for protection to you and your families !

Kind regards and greetings from your for ever thankful friend,Geta

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